Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Scott Fitzgerald ESQUIRE Magazine collection

F. Scott Fitzgerald knew and exploited the "system". The "system" being selling his short stories to magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, Scribner's Magazine, Collier's, Redbook, Women's Home Companion, McCall's, and later Esquire Magazine. He had an extensive magazine showing, later turning his short stories into full chapters of is very popular books - starting this as early as January 1920 with a one act play which would later be found in Flappers and Philosophers (1920). He had a long run with Esquire Magazine from December 1934 – July 1941, exclusively filling up all of 1940 and up until he died in Dec 1940. He would have only nine more magazine appearances in the year following his death (although he had more in later years).

These magazines tend to be highly collectible, especially when you cross-populate certain months with inclusions by Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, John Dos Passos, or others - and that doesn't even include the George Petty pin-up girl collectors, or the vintage advertisement seekers.

Fitzgerald had forty-two items (plus three later) published in Esquire, and see examples from twelve here:

December 1934 Sleeping and Waking," Crack-Up.

January 1935 “The Fiend,” Taps at Reveille.

July 1936 “Author’s House,” Afternoon of an Author.

August 1936 “Afternoon of an Author,” Afternoon of an Author. (w/ Hemingway)

September 1936 “An Author’s Mother,” The Price Was High.

October 1936 "I Didn’t Get Over," Afternoon of an Author.

November 1936 “‘Send Me In, Coach,’”

June 1937 “The Honor of the Goon,”

September 1937 “The Long Way Out,” Stories.

October 1937 “The Guest in Room Nineteen,” The Price Was High.

December 1937 “In the Holidays,” The Price Was High.

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