Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Updates for Spring 2008

Well, fellow bibliophiles, I don't really know if this blog is making any waves in the book world. I don't believe I have ever been contacted because of it; I know for a fact no one has ever left comments on any of the posts I've submitted in the past almost 7 months since its inception.

So if there are booklovers, bookhaters or maybe bored people at work wasting their boss's dime, email me a comment to know there are others out there who are interested in this stuff. With that said, spring is finally here in Minnesota - no wait, it isn't. Since it is almost May and we just received 18" of snow. In this case, April snow showers do not bring May flowers. Spring may be here, but I'm still digging out of my winter FULL of books! Some new interesting available books will be posted soon, but as an example, things for the Spring season:

1st printings of numerous Theodore Roosevelt stories, found in Century magazine, circa 1888. Frederic Remington was prolific at this time, so these stories include 64 different illustrations. Also nicely bound in RED leather with gilt spine titles. Very nice.

1st printings of collectible short stories by William Faulkner, Thomas Wolfe, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Langston Hughes, including others. These particular issues were originally found in Scribner's magazine, during the 1933 printing year. All are found in their original paper wraps, which are becoming more difficult to find. Most collectors pass over these rarities, either because they:
1. don't own their favorite author's bibliography, therefore don't know they exist;
2. don't know their favorite author became popular by pubishing short stories - sometimes anonymously, to pay the bills.
3. are too busy trying to purchase lesser quality "collectible" books that are in low-mid range price thinking they will be satisfied with their purchase, only to realize they spent too much money on a lesser quality book, and a better quality one is available and only a few dollars more...starting the addiction of book collecting.

1839 copy of the New American Practical Navigator, 11th (collectible) edition. Scarce nautical reference book that the ship captains actually used.

You'll see I have a little bit of everything.

As I stated before, most of the books and their descriptions will be available through my e-commerce store. I do want to keep one thing clear - the purpose of this blog is to inform and hopefully educate; the purpose of my e-commerce store is to buy and sell highly collectible and rare books. I will most likely be posting new finds very soon, so check back often.

Be sure to contact me if you ever have any questions about any books - I'm always open to booktalk. See my email address in the "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE".