Friday, November 25, 2011

Chuck Palahniuk Collection of 9 Signed Books [1st ED]

Signed sets are unique in the buying & selling world of books - a collector willing to part with his/her collection of a certain author. Usually, a well known author will not sit and sign every title they have released in once sitting - not many have the patience when there is a long line of admiring fans waiting; usually collectors painstakingly scour bookstores and the internet for choice signed copies. In this case, this is what has happened, and the author is Chuck Palahniuk who has graced us with such literary gifts as the cult classic 'Fight Club', as well as 'Choke', 'Survivor', 'Invisible Monsters', 'Rant',...and his new book 'Damned'. In my buying and selling of signed books, I come across many duplicate signed editions of books, and sometimes will package them together to make a 'instant collection'.

Available is a lot of NINE signed first edition Chuck Palahniuk books, in collectible condition (all not price-clipped DJ's, no other writing, marks, ex-library, remainder marks, etc.) All non-price clipped dust jackets are in mint condition, and in protective Brodart mylar wrappers.

Fight Club 1996 STATED 1ST EDITION. Number line: 90 (9th print). Signed by author on title page; Invisible Monsters 1999, STATED 1ST EDITION, first printing with full number line. Signed and personalized by author on title page: "To Sherry - Sorry Mom! Sorry God!"; Survivor First Anchor Books Edition, February 2000". Signed and personalized by author on title page: "Hello Andrew!!"; Choke 2001, STATED 1ST EDITION, 10th printing with number line. Signed and personalized by author on title page: "So - What Would Saint Marla Not Do??"; Lullaby 2002, STATED 1ST EDITION. Signed by author on title page. Includes 'Prison Library Copy' red stamp below signature.; Diary 2003, STATED 1ST EDITION, Signed and personalized by author on title page: "To Paul - Get Inspired!"; Stranger Than Fiction 2004, STATED 1ST EDITION, Signed by author and personalized on title page: "To Aerinn"; Haunted 2005, STATED 1ST EDITION, Signed by author on title page.; Rant 2007, STATED 1ST EDITION, Signed by author on title page, including 'Rant Tour 2007' stamp.

Condition: All books in collectible condition, with no internal marks or writing, remainder marks, tears, highlights, or ex-library books. All hardcover dust jackets now in protective Brodart mylar wrappers. No dust jackets are price clipped. No paperback copies are price clipped. Please see individual book listing for specifics, but all are First Edition copies.

For more information, check out the store: Northwest Press Books

It's been seven months - where have I been?

I just realized it's been about seven months since my last blog posting - what have I been up to? Attending book readings, getting things signed, cataloging books, buying & selling, picking - packing - shipping, etc. The time really does fly when you are having fun. Also mowing the lawn, keeping up with the garden, growing the hops, brewing the beer, can't spend their lifetime with their nose in a book.

Some fun things to report since last posting: attended a Chuck Palahniuk tour stop in Minneapolis during his Damned Book Tour, got to meet & greet and got some things signed again. Closed out the Christopher Paolini 4-book 'Inheritance' series with a tour stop at Anderson's Bookshop in Downer's Grove; a nice series to have all signed 1st/1sts in my 'I still want to be a kid' bookshelf. Also picked up a few 1st/1st Harry Potter (various titles) signed by illustrator Mary GrandPre (a Minnesota native and MCAD graduate). Lastly, after waiting about 8-9 months, I was sent back my care package of Junot Diaz signed books. I was able to get in contact with his publicist, somehow talk her office into allowing me to send a package of 'a few' (5) obscure journals & short story literary magazines and have him sign them when he was in next - a first for me. The last time I tried this I was eight years old, decided to mail my cherished Jose Canseco baseball card to have him sign and mail back...I never saw it again. All in all it was a good seven months, and hope to get posting things again.