Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Junot Diaz fiction! Author reading!

I was fortunate to open up my schedule and attend Minnesota Public Radio's TALKING VOLUMES author event on Sept 18th for Junot Diaz's new book of short stories, 'This Is How You Lose Her'. It was a great time, especially with the book signing and meet/greet, but the discussion was worth the effort to attend. Diaz was asked to clarify his statement that he was a reader first and foremost, and a writer second. I wish I could even begin to paraphrase, but won't do it justice. Writers need to be readers, and reading current authors. Listen to the interview here.

Haven't had time to read the new stories, but if it is anything like what I found in 'Drown', then I won't be disappointed. I also brought some copies of his first published short story, found in Fall 1995 Story Magazine. He was suprised to see it, and said something like 'oh - I don't see many of these anymore!'. I guess I should have brought more of my on-hand copies...