Friday, March 21, 2008

1867 WILD BILL HICKOK first published story

An example of a collectible printing of the first known story about Wild Bill Hickok, published in Harper's Monthly Magazine February 1867 issue, written by Colonel George Ward Nichols. Found in its original paper wraps and in collectible condition, it is quite a rare find.

"On July 21, 1865, in the town square of Springfield, Missouri, Hickok killed Davis Tutt, Jr. in a "quick draw" duel. Fiction later typified this kind of gunfight, but Hickok's in fact the only one on record that fits the portrayal. The incident was precipitated by a dispute over a gambling debt incurred at a local saloon and likely exacerbated by the fact there was a long standing dispute over a mutual girlfriend Susannah Moore. Several weeks later Hickok was interviewed by Colonel George Ward Nichols and the interview was published in Harpers New Monthly Magazine. Using the name "Wild Bill Hitchcock" the article recounted the hundreds of men Hickok personally killed and other exaggerated exploits. The article was controversial wherever Hickok was known and led to several frontier newspapers writing rebuttals and is credited as the reason for Hickok's failure to be elected Marshall of Springfield." - taken from Wikipedia.

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