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Extremely rare 1923 HEMINGWAY poetry published before THREE STORIES & TEN POEMS

This rare bound Poetry Magazine volume contains six very early Hemingway poems, found within the collection titled "Wanderings" - "Mitrailliatrice", "Oily Weather", "Roosevelt", "Riparto D'Assalto", "Champs d'Honneur", and "Chapter Heading" (Hanneman #C 121). This is an extremely early (and rare) magazine appearance by Hemingway. Published in Chicago by Poetry, A Magazine of Verse. Published in October 1922 - March 1923 issues #1-6. These six poems make up six of the ten poems featured in his first published work, THREE STORIES & TEN POEMS. This collection of poems was published six months BEFORE the first and only limited edition publishing of TSTP in Paris by Contact Publishing - 300 copies of TSTP was published in July, 1923.

A biographical note, on page 231 of Poetry Magazine, states "Ernest M. Hemingway, a young Chicago poet now abroad, who will soon issue his first book of verse."

The acknowledgement found on p. [xi] of TSTP states: "Five of these poems were first printed in Poetry A Magazine of Verse." This is incorrect. Six of the poems were printed. In this offered bound magazine, "Mitraigiatrice" (July printing of TSTP) was spelled "Mitrailliatrice" (January printing, Poetry Magazine).

Any serious Hemingway collector knows THREE STORIES & TEN POEMS is the "holy grail" of the EH collection. At a limited printing of only 300 copies, it is the most sought-after publication by Hemingway, and ranks on the top ten list of most-sought after modern literature today. A signed & inscribed copy of TSTP is available by an online seller for $225,000, or pick up an unsigned copy from another seller for $65,000. A 'bargain price' copy is also available from another online seller, unsigned for $45,000. In January 2006, PBA Galleries (a powerseller auction house also on eBay) sold an unsigned copy in a live auction for $20,700 without their 22.5% fee (final total $25,350). Also, on November 13, 2008 Christie's Auction House will auction this same unsigned TSTP with a pre-auction estimate of $14,000 - 20,000 - but you could own 6/13 of this important Hemingway piece published six months prior for a fraction of that cost.

Other noteworthy poets included in this volume are D.H. Lawrence, Edgar Lee Masters, and Malcolm Cowley (a future editor of Hemingway and 'Lost Generation' authors' collected works).

Bibliography cited: Ernest Hemingway A Comprehensive Bibliography by Audre Hanneman, 1967. Listed in Section C, #121 (Contrubutions to newspapers and periodicals).
This is a very rare and extremely early appearance of Hemingway. Only the second publishing by him, besides articles written in his high school yearbook, Tabula, or any articles written for Toronto Daily Star or Toronto Star Weekly. His first publishing found within Double Dealer, a literary magazine in June 1922. This would make a wonderful early edition to any serious Hemingway collection.
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