Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scarce 1930 HEMINGWAY short story in Fortune Magazine

Available within the March, 1930 Fortune Magazine is the Hemingway article, "Bullfighting, Sport and Industry" (Hanneman #C192). First (and only) appearance of this article; complete on pages 83-88, 139-146, 150. Illustrated with color reproductions of paintings by Goya, Manet, and Zuloaga; etchings in black and white by Goya. This article deals with the economics of the bullfight business in Spain. An "Appendix: Notes on bullfights" appears on page 150. An important and exceedingly rare story to find, as the second issue of Fortune Magazine includes many other noteworthy articles which drive up its value.

Bibliography cited: Ernest Hemingway A Comprehensive Bibliography by Audre Hanneman, 1967. Listed in Section C, #192 (Contrubutions to newspapers and periodicals).

This is a scarce appearance of Hemingway, during his 'non-fiction' writing period. Hemingway started writing Death in the Afternoon in March 1930, after attending the previous year's Fiesta San Fermin (July 6-14, 1929). This article was produced from the work for DIA. To find out more about this title, or find out more about its value, go here.

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