Saturday, September 6, 2008

Collectible 1938 HEMINGWAY short story in Ken Magazine

This issue of Ken Magazine contains the Hemingway article, "The Cardinal Picks a Winner" (Hanneman #C 293). This is the first and only appearance of this article. Numerous full page pictures of Spanish Civil War images, including other topics highlighted by Ken (anti-nazi, anti-facist, etc). Also includes a George Petty pin-up ad for Old Gold Cigarettes. It was published in Chicago: Ken, Inc. Published May 5th, 1938. Magazine titled, "A Cargo of Innocence". Measures 13-1/2" tall x 10-5/8" wide. 106 pp. with lots of articles, ads, illustrations and photos.

Bibliography cited: Ernest Hemingway A Comprehensive Bibliography by Audre Hanneman, 1967. Listed in Section C, #293 (Contrubutions to newspapers and periodicals).

This is a scarce appearance of Hemingway, during his 'non-fiction' time in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Since Hemingway was on the side of the Loyalists / Republicans, he was reporting on the atrocities committed by Facists / Nationalists (even though both sides committed these horrible atrocities). Much of the idea and body from For Whom the Bell Tolls was composed at this time, even though he would write it a few years later. There are a total of 14 Ken Magazines which feature articles by Ernest Hemingway. This would help complete that magazine set, or be a nice addition to any Hemingway collection.

To find out more about this Hemingway title, or find out more about its value, go here.

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