Sunday, December 1, 2013

1934 Tender is the Night - F. Scott Fitzgerald - custom rebound serialized Scribner's Magazine

Recently custom rebound by Campbell Logan Bindery in Minneapolis, MN, is the first printing of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'Tender is the Night'.

This custom bound 6-month volume contains the first publishing of Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night. The novel was serialized in four parts by Scribner's Magazine within January - April, 1934 and later published in book form in April of that year. His fourth and final completed novel, Tender was Fitzgerald's darkest, and most auto-biographical - paralleling his life with Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald.  Illustrations by Edward Shenton. Serialized magazine publications - such as this one - are generally thought of as 'true first editions' because they are printed and released before the final first book edition is available. Overall, binding in fine condition - professionally rebound in November, 2013, utilizing the finest materials by skilled practitioners.  

 "Tender is the Night remains Fitzgerald's most brilliant book. All his powers, the microscopic observation of the life he describes, the sense of the significance and relations of every detail of it, the infallible ear, and the gift of expression, all these things are here in greater abundance than ever before. Its scope is such as to make The Great Gatsby seem small and simple, for all its neatness and perfection, and its dramatic realization so complete that Fitzgerald need not ever say what is happening: we always see." -Arthur Mizener

New York: Scribner's Magazine.  Bound 6-month volume containing January - June, 1934 (Volume 95). Grey-blue linen cloth binding with a dark blue coated spine with silver gilt title, and decorative blue & yellow kozo hand-made paper endpapers. Kozo endpapers are meant to remind the reader of the original 'Mediterranean' feel of the original dust jacket artwork (original dust jacket picture included). Original covers and advertisements are not present.

This book is available for purchase from Northwest Press Books: Item #000536

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