Thursday, May 1, 2008

1933 Thomas Wolfe short story 1st printings

Available are two different issues of Scribner's magazine from 1933 containing first printings of his short stories:

June, 1933 Contains the short story, "Death - The Proud Brother". First appearance of this story; with illustrations. This story was published again in "From Death To Morning." Very good copy.
July, 1933 Contains the short story, "No Door". First appearance of this story. Complete issue. Also contains items by Herbert Reed - "The Davis Cup" (Tennis), William Lyon Phelps, and others.

Condition: Both within original paper wraps in good condition. Spine complete, clean and readable. Slightest creasing to front lower outer corner of cover. Slight staining caused from staple binding - staining seen in two spots on front and back covers near spine. Comes inside a crystal clear, acid-free mylar slip for long-term protection.

As I said in my last post, these first printing stories are collectible, yet not many of the typical collectors go after them - they take a special breed of book collector...I can only assume that once you start moving into collecting everything your favorite author published, the disease has consumed you. If that is the case, these magazines are reserved for you. They are here, merely to feed your habit. If you claim you are a "serious" Wolfe collector - and have not started to collect his short stories, then take my advice. Walk away. Do so before the addiction spreads. But the chase is fun, isn't it? To see the value, or find more about this and other collectible 1st printing magazines by Wolfe, go here.

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