Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SOLD: Signed / 1st Edition FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahniuk


Recently sold:
A signed and inscribed (and stamped) 1st edition "Fight Club" hardcover in unclipped dust jacket w/ mylar cover. MINT CONDITION! Has been opened twice...once when Chuck signed / inscribed it, and once to take a picture. Otherwise, it has sat on my shelf.

I have shopped eBay for signed AND inscribed 1st editions for a few years, and have found two things: 1. They are very rare to be signed AND inscribed, and 2. All the inscriptions are generally different (may be similar in idea, but different). Because of my prior knowledge of Chuck rarely putting in inscriptions (without signing them to someone in particular), I had made a comment to "be as creative as you want with your inscription" - and I guess he took that literally, as he inscribed it "I STOLE THIS FOR YOU" and stamped it with his "LIBRARY COPY - FOR REFERENCE ONLY - DO NOT REMOVE" custom stamp. Then he went on to stamp it three more times: on the dedication page, on the acknowledgement page, and the first page.
One last thing I have found is signed hardcover copies (NOT 1st prints) of Fight Club on collectors websites sell for $150-$200. Signed + inscribed (quote) WITH stamp copies (NOT 1st prints) go for $350 and up.

This is a highly collectible book with all the extras Chuck has added. This is his first, and most popular book. Also, "Choke" will be coming to theatres soon (as you have noticed that book is selling much higher these days as well) and will drive his popularity (and the value of this book) up even more.
To find out more information about this book, or are interested to know its value, go here.

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