Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1936 COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE - illustrated by Rockwell Kent

Available is the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, edited by William Aldis Wright with 41 illustrations by Rockwell Kent.

Book Description:
Garden City, New York: Garden City Plubishing for Doubleday Doran & Co. 1936 edition, in one large volume. Hardcover w/ dark blue boards and gold title on spine. 1527 pages. Includes the Cambridge Edition text, including the Temple Notes, with a preface by Christopher Morley. Also includes a Glossary of terms, index of characters, and index of first lines for both poems and sonnets. Excellent source for study. Poignent research material for students and academics. Delves into this subject with fresh ideas and thoughts, a good read.

Illustrated by Rockwell Kent with 41 full page illustrations, throughout text, including many of Will's famous plays, poems and sonnets.

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Anonymous said...

My copy of the Rockwell Kent Shakespeare was destroyed in my house-fire. I would like to replace it.
Is it possible? and at what price ?

Northwest Book Buyer said...

You may see the price of this book and others at the 'northwest book buyer' ebay link at the top of the page. Also available online at ' store' and the newest website:

View this and other great illustrated collectibles here.